A short essay on my school life

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a short essay on my school life

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a short essay on my school life

What is a Law of Life? A Law of Life is a short, pithy saying or quotation that points to a core personal value or ideal.

Oftentimes, a Law of Life serves as a memorable and meaningful moral compass on a person’s journey through life. The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest asks students to select their own Law of Life, and to write about how it applies to their lives. In doing so, students reflect deeply and write from the heart about what they think matters most. The contest celebrates the students’ stories and their often profound reflections, and proudly presents significant cash awards to students and teachers. 20,000 in cash awards to students and teachers.

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Your donation will allow even more students to participate in this ethics education program. Terri B, Teacher”The Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest has truly helped my students to not only learn something about who they are, but to also understand that the lessons they have learned In life are foundations for the future. Kayla J, Student”I wouldn’t have come this far in my life adventure if it weren’t for the Laws of Life Essay Contest. It is with deep gratitude that I thank the Laws of Life program for the opportunities that you’ve given me. Mark E, Rotarian”The Laws of Life encourages young people from all walks of life to reflect on a character-building life experience and allows students from all academic abilities to be recognized together in their community.

Rotary International is a service organization of 1. 2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in local communities and around the world. Rotary clubs across Georgia conduct the Laws of Life contest as a character values and ethical literacy outreach program to high school students in the state.