Application letter for ojt mechanical engineering students

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The program focuses on teaching and caring for pupils with regard to their development from toddler to teen. Students can choose to specialize in Special Education or Preschool Education. Coursework covers child and adolescent development, behavior management, guidance and counseling, research methodologies, and curriculum development and implementation among others.

Students complete their internships in the university’s grade school department and nearby schools. This program is structured to develop high school teachers who plan to specialize in one of the different learning areas in high school such as Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and MAPEH. Students combine classes in their area of concentration with core classes, such as educational technology, methods and strategies in teaching, classroom management, curriculum development, and assessment of learning. The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program prepares students for careers in public, corporate and governmental accounting. Accounting courses integrate the study of the theory and current practice of accounting with research and computer applications.