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Congress passed the Foreign Assistance Act on September 4, 1961, which reorganized U. USAID was subsequently established by the executive order of President John F. USAID’s programs are authorized by Congress in the Foreign Assistance Act, which Congress supplements through directions in annual funding appropriation acts and other legislation. As an official component of U. USAID’s mission statement, adopted in May 2013, is “to partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing the security and prosperity of the United States.

USAID’s decentralized network of resident field missions is drawn on to manage U. Government’s earliest foreign aid programs provided relief in crises created by war. In 1915, USG assistance through the Commission for Relief of Belgium headed by Herbert Hoover prevented starvation in Belgium after the German invasion. USAID manages relief efforts after wars and natural disasters through its Office of U.