Creative writing ideas for third graders

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Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The lexeme in the English word creativity comes from the Latin term creō “to create, make”: its derivational suffixes also come from Latin.

Robert Sternberg’s words, the production of “something original and worthwhile”. Greek philosophers like Plato rejected the concept of creativity, preferring to see art as a form of discovery.

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Asked in The Republic, “Will we say, of a painter, that he makes something? Plato answers, “Certainly not, he merely imitates. It is commonly argued that the notion of “creativity” originated in Western culture through Christianity, as a matter of divine inspiration. The rejection of creativity in favor of discovery and the belief that individual creation was a conduit of the divine would dominate the West probably until the Renaissance and even later. However, this shift was gradual and would not become immediately apparent until the Enlightenment.