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Something like the following constituted my opening remarks. The title of this panel asks whether there is too much immigration?

I’m inclined to wonder whether this question is simply a mistake. My own focus in a forthcoming book Do States Have the Right to Exclude Immigrants? Let me just sketch the main argument and then I’ll get on to some further remarks about our current predicament.

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States are compulsory and coercive bodies. Legitimate states use that coercive force to limit the freedom of people subject to them. Unfortunately, far from doing this, states at the moment are actively trying to subvert or evade even the paltry international conventions that currently exist, such as the Refugee Convention.

In doing so, they are locking millions into poverty, exposing hundreds of thousands each year to avoidable death, separating families, and exposing others to statuses that make them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. States that act like this have lost their moral authority to control their borders. In the UK we have, as everybody is aware, our own obsessions with immigration. Since 1968, racist criteria have governed British immigration law and policy. In recent years, concern with EU migration was weaponized by politicians with the, for some of them, unwelcome consequence of the decision to leave the EU.