Running head example for research paper

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running head example for research paper

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running head example for research paper

The running head is one of the smallest parts of a manuscript, yet it seems to cause big problems for some. In previous posts, we’ve given an overview of the running head and how to format it, but recently we’ve received some new questions that have folks scratching their heads. The running head is a shortened form of the title of your paper that appears  in  uppercase letters at the top left of each page of your manuscript. When your paper is published, this short title will appear at the top of each odd-numbered page.

It’s there to let the typesetter know that this shortened title is, in fact, the running head for your article. How Long Should the Running Head Be? 50-character count, because it’s not part of the title of your paper.

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What Makes For a Good Running Head? It’s usually not a good idea to simply copy the first 50 characters of your title.

The running head needs to both make sense as a phrase and give some idea of what your paper is about. Where Does the Running Head Go? Use the automatic header feature of your word processing program to set the running head at the top left of the page. I would like a clarification about the margins for an APA Style paper.