The silk road research paper

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the silk road research paper

We are proud to announce that Gravitas Ventures is distributing Paper Lanterns! More links as they become available! In the summer of 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. What few people know is that 12 American POWs were on the ground in Hiroshima, 1,300 feet from ground zero.

Two of the twelve Americans were Normand Brissette of Lowell, Massachusetts, and Ralph Neal, of Corbin, Kentucky. On that same early August morning, a young Japanese boy, Shigeaki Mori, would witness the explosion. He would survive that day, but his life would be changed forever.

Mori would go on to document the events of that day and the thousands that were lost. Through his research, he would find evidence of the 12 American POWs, and would spend over 35 years tracking down their stories. What would drive this man to spend so much time and effort to recognize them? To reach out to their families and provide comfort.